About Conor

My professional career began with a big jump across the Pacific Ocean and landed a job in Education in a suburb of Seoul, Korea. After two years of teaching high-strung Korean students English, I decided to go back to school to improve myself and enroll in dual-degree program at Cleveland State University for graduate school. The main reason I picked CSU was because of the dual-degree program they had with a Korean University, Chung-Ang University.Seoul Food KitchenTwo years later I have completed the program with a Masters in Urban Studies and looked to make my next career move in the job market. For a brief period I worked at a digital marketing firm as a Front-End Developer for iOS apps that were¬†commissioned¬†by large¬†pharmaceutical¬†companies. Working there was a blast and learned a lot in a short amount of time. It took a 2-billion dollar IT Health Care company to offer me a great position to manage and develop IT solutions at their 501(c)(3) organization. That’s where I am currently today, trying to change lives through technology.

Conor Meagher

P.S. – Want to see my resume? https://conr.co/resume