S.T.A.R. Answer: Creativity

Examples of Creativity Q&As.

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This post is one of the series of posts in my S.T.A.R. Answers Series in which I response to behavioral interview questions from my experiences.

Question: Describe a time when you came up with a creative solution/idea/project/report to a problem in your past work.

Situation #

A University updated their daily annoucements and events manually to the website front page through their Web Manager.

Task #

To skip this tedious process and allow multiple co-workers to add announcements and events to the website front page instantaneously.

Action #

Created a Twitter account and embeded it's feed in the main page using JavaScript and CSS which allowed all office members to add their content at anytime.

Result #

The University saw an increase in applications and a 13% increase in student enrollment the semester after it was implemented. But most importantly, it gave more flexibility and time efficiency to the office workflow.